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Women's Support Bulk Tea*
We have created, produced and sold Women's Support Bulk Herbal Tea Blend for over fifteen years. It continues to be a best seller and one of our personal favorites.  It provides nutritional support to women throughout their reproductive years and beyond. It is sold in half pound and pound packages and comes with detailed instructions on easy ways to make and drink it. 
*It is also the same formulation as our Pregnancy Tea

"I faithfully drank the tea 4 times a day and took chaste tree berry tincture as recommended and my symptoms greatly improved. I discovered that I could brew a day’s worth of tea in a high quality steel thermos and take it with me to work on my bus runs. The heavier parts of the tea sank to the bottom of the thermos and the desirable tea rose to the top. If I took care while pouring, the tea would be just right for drinking! Every cup of tea brought reassurance both physically and emotionally...."  Susan, Customer
After 25 years in business, having enjoyed the many opportunities to try out new places to live and work, we found it was time to close our brick and mortar storefront and say goodbye to our "baby".
Wholistic Childbirth Classes
"Through one on one communication this class fits the couple's individual needs. Knowledge is power; this class assists with confidence 
in the birth process and helps couples handle their individual labors confidently." 
      Cathy Weston, midwife

Wholistic Birth Doula Training & Certification

Midwifery Care


We enjoyed our many years doing business in Ralston, Ritzville, Spokane and Long Beach Washington. We want to thank our loyal customers for their support and the joy it has been to get to know them all.  We continue to make our medicinal bulk teas and we are still available for consultations so check out our teas and contact us if you have questions. Ongoing online Wholistic Childbirth Classes continue as well as Wholistic Birth Doula Trainings. Our next Wholistic Birth Doula Training is in Spokane, Washington, February 28-March 2nd. Sign up here.
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